Preserving Precious Memories
to Always Be Remembered

Do You Remember Your Grandfather's Voice?
Your Grandmother's Stories?

Now You Can Always Be Remembered!

A brand-new social media solution that graphically captures your life stories and pictures to bond your family closely together.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for us to create fun, warm, passionate memories, and spend time with our loved ones. Yet, the reality is that over 150,000 people die daily, and many of them alone. This thought has spearheaded the creation of Storyboards. Storyboards are built with a vision to capture precious memories and a mission to keep family memories and traditions alive forever.

I am excited to discover Storyboards, a new social media platform with leading-edge and easy-to-use technology. I can create storyboards with pictures, videos, music, and voice recordings, and most importantly, I can share the intimate stories of my thoughts, feelings, and adventures behind each picture.

Storyboards allow me to remember my grandfather’s voice and my grandmother’s laugh. We never know when we might become a distant memory. That is why I want my children and grandchildren to remember the stories I share with them – the stories my grandparents told me.

It would be amazing to create a wedding storyboard someday for my 12-year-old granddaughter. Sharing how proud I am and what a wonderful young lady she turned out to be. I would love to leave messages for each of my sons to let them know the joy they have brought to me. With Storyboards, I can, it is easy to create, and lots of fun.

It is time to become the producer and director of my life story and create the historical and financial legacy that my family will always remember, for only pennies a day. Storyboards uniquely share the revenue with me for helping build our social media platform. The referral program pays me for sharing with my friends and family.

A Unique Storyboard Technology!

Personal Legacies, Family Histories, Memorials!

Interactive, graphical storyboards viewable anytime on the Internet. Storyboard legacies stay alive for future generations that you may never meet. Visitors can follow and post comments.


Storyboards are a brand-new social media technology that allows people to tell their life stories in an interactive and graphical way unlike anything currently available on the Internet. Storyboards allow people to graphically organize their pictures and, most importantly, share the intimate stories behind each picture about their thoughts, feelings, and adventures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the intimate stories behind the pictures are priceless.

Everyone has a story to tell and share with their family and friends. Every Storyboard is different and personal to each person. People have total flexibility in creating their Storyboard starting with the background selection of colors, patterns, landscapes, themes, or even custom uploaded pictures. People can easily add, drag, and resize labels and pictures on their Storyboard. Labels can be formatted from over 75 different fonts and sizes, and unlimited background and foreground text colors and shadows. Pictures can include formatted captions and can be selected from the library of thousands of stock images, linked from existing online images, or uploaded from the member’s personal collection of photos.

Each picture can include a story that the visitor can read or listen to in a popup window when they click on a picture. Stories can include formatted text, pictures, links, and embedded audios and videos. Pictures may also take the visitor to another Storyboard with additional story details. Pictures can include animated special effects and popup messages when the visitor moves the mouse over them.

Storyboards can be played as fully automated shows. A sequence of pictures is zoomed to the center of the page while a voice narrates a description of each picture. Grandparent’s voices can be recorded and never forgotten.

Each Storyboard has a public link that can be shared with friends and family anywhere on the Internet. Some people may choose to keep their Storyboards private and viewable only by those to whom they give access. People can also view full Storyboard visitor statistics.

Storyboards are a complete social media platform that visitors can follow and post comments on any story. The public link to a Storyboard or any of its stories can be posted on any of the other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Storyboards not only provide a new, unique, and rich social media experience, but they also share the revenue with the members that help build the platform.

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